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We don't need to cooperate with control freaks

This is a new moment in our history. We search for answers. We look to the past, to old dogmas and visions which seem to cloud our judgement further, leave us feeling conflicted and cause tension between allies.
We need to take a step back to simple premises, and examine what we're setting out to achieve. I want to see less powerful and wealthy interests coercing and dominating the world. I want to see more challenges to hegemony and corruption. We need to own our management, with decision making taking place on a local level where choices on contribution, allocation of resources, … are made.
Free software tools like Bitcoin gift us the possibility to self manage our resources, and the power to decide how to expend common funds for public goods.
The United States was originally organised by the founding fathers as a federation of states. Recently freed from English tyranny, they sought to construct a fair and equal system that did not subjugate free peoples.
By constructing our societies as a federation of communities, each providing different models and alternatives within them, we can transcend collectivised straitjacketing and decentralise the system. More free choice for the people. This isn't the same as free choice for the consumers as consumerism is a passive ideology, but instead requires active participation. You are involved in the creation, maintenance and participation. Responsibility no longer comes from states but resides within you, the individual.
Technology tools are already obsoleting the old democratic systems. In Berlin, the German PirateParty is creating a platform for self determination called LiquidFeedback. Elsewhere we are seeing the development of a variety of communication (such as BitMessage), markets and self governance systems.
If we are a bit more socially aware and smarter in our personal decisions (involving economic, life, relationships, …) then we can self organise together. We can outcompete the states by providing services like food, energy, housing, healthcare, education and transport. Services that are better and more aligned with the world we want to see. And by putting our ideals into practice everyday we can make our vision a reality.
Most importantly, people come first, not fixed ideologies. Strength through diversity. We are on one planet, and have to co-exist with different viewpoints. If we can't find a consensus then we'll need to fight, and there are better things to be doing with my time. It's about your community, your proposals, your actions against other groups and their progress.
The reality today is a fragmented market with increasing centralisation. Corporations influence government policy to confer advantage and erect walled gardens against their competitors. This is not a good use of resources. The consequence of our centrally managed economic system is states that want to centralise everything. Europe is trying now to create a unified economic zone with disastrous results, including a growing obsession with surveillance and control.
Opensource offers an alternative. A free market ideal of collaboration based around the UNIX principle of building a brick that does one thing well, creating open ecosystems that emphasise integration and creating fair competitive markets.
We don't need to cooperate with control freaks. Disobedience is the only way.
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